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Our Vision

Our vision is to empower SMEs and entrepreneurs with the features they need to thrive in the ever-evolving job board landscape.

Our Story

A Message From Our Founder

My journey at JBoard started back in 2020, when I wanted to start a cybersecurity job board to and immersed myself in this field comparing off-the-shelf tools and custom solutions available in the market.

Traditional job board software often came with long  learning curves, hidden costs, and a heavy reliance on technical teams and coding skills.

Having not found a platform covering my needs and meeting specific expectations, I embarked on an exciting journey to start job board software

Thus, JBoard.io was born in 2021 with a commitment to providing a no-code job board software that is both advanced and easy to set up. We understood the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs looking for an all-in-one solution with robust job aggregation possibilities and search engine optimization, all while ensuring they had flexible monetization models at their fingertips. Therefore, our software attracted significant interest in the market and established itself as a reliable solution for numerous businesses worldwide.

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Our Values

When we started building JBoard team, my team and I made a conscious choice to adhere to three core values that drive every decision we make:

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Challenging the Status Quo

We don't conform to conventional market norms; instead, we consistently question the established practices to enhance and ensure the continuous evolution of your job board with fresh features.

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Attention to Details

In our commitment to providing the best experience for our customers, we prioritize quality and attention to every detail when introducing new features in the market.

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Collective Effort

At the heart of JBoard.io is a dedicated team working cohesively to bring you the best possible solutions. We ensure that we enjoy the journey alongside our team.

Meet the Core Team

Meet the individuals who make it all possible, who work tirelessly to ensure JBoard.io remains the industry leader in no-code job board software.

Marty Aghajanyan

Marty Aghajanyan

Founder & CEO

Bedros Osmanian

Bedros Osmanian

Customer Success Specialist

Aram Atanesyan

Aram Atanesyan

Software Engineer

Haykuhi Tangyan

Haykuhi Tangyan

Head of Product Marketing

Aram Gyulnazaryan

Aram Gyulnazaryan

Software Engineer

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What Our Customers Say

We put our customers at the forefront of every new feature or functionality decision we make. Our services are tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences. With straightforward pricing models and no requirement for technical skills, we make the journey from concept to job board creation and management as smooth as possible.


Celebrating Achievements. Reflecting on Our Successes and Acknowledging the Industry Recognition We've Earned

GetApp Job Board Software Category Leader 2023
Capterra Job Board Software Best Ease Of Use 2022
CapterraJob Board Software Best Value 2022

Remote-First Approach

We are a globally distributed team of product and software development specialists, headquartered in the USA with a branch office in Armenia.

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