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November 13, 2022 (updated)

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You can earn a 25% commission every month for every customer you refer to jBoard. Note that jBoard will keep paying you a commission for every referral as long as your referral keeps his subscription active.

For example: If you refer 5 customers paying $225 per month for our Standard plan, you will earn a recurring commission of $281.25 per month. If your referrals keep using our service for a year, your total affiliate commissions will amount to $3,375 for that year.

Affiliate Commission Per Plan

Below is an example of how much you can earn per month from one active referral when they sign up for a certain plan.



Affiliate Commission










How and to Whom Promote jBoard?

jBoard is a no-code tool, that allows anyone to create their own job board website, without any code. Here are the most common customer types of our platform:

  1. Entrepreneurs use our platform to create a job board and make money online
  2. Professional communities and association use jBoard to create a job board to advertise jobs to their network and add an additional revenue stream.
  3. Schools and universities use jBoard to create a job board for their students to help them find a job after graduation.
  4. VCs use jBoard to create a job board and show all portfolio company jobs in one place.

So anyone who has a large traffic website or, in general big audience of our potential customers can join our affiliate program and start earning a recurring 25% commission for each paying custom that they refer.

How to Join the Affiliate Program?

To join our affiliate program, you will need to register an account here, if you already have an account, you can sign in here.

Join the Affiliate Program

Earn a 25% commission every month for every customer you refer to jBoard.

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