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Bedros Osmanian | February 05, 2024 | 4 min read

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What is a Job Feed?

A job feed contains structured job information data, it is mostly used to distribute jobs from one job board (or Applicant Tracking System) to other job boards or vice versa.

The most popular format for job feeds in XML. Below is an example of an XML jobs feed:

Job Feeds For Traffic Acquisition

Some job boards accept XML feed submissions, and once submitted, they automatically add all the jobs onto their job board on a regular basis. When a visitor clicks on the submitted jobs, they will send the visitor to the original job posting page. This creates a great opportunity for niche job boards to gain traffic by submitting their job feeds to bigger job boards. 

While some job boards index your feed for free to have more job content, others offer this as a paid service to generate an income from it. In both cases, distributing your jobs to bigger job boards is a great way to expand your audience and have an additional source of highly relevant traffic. For Example, here is how ZipRecruiter XML Import works.

Job Boards That Accept XML Feeds

Name Where To Start Audience Free/Paid


ZipRecruiter XML import docs US, CA and UK No public information
Adzuna Adzuna XML import specification
20 Countries Paid(PPC). Minimum $600 a month, only accepted jobs that have been directly posted on the job board.
Linkedin Jobs XML feeds docs Global Free limited listings and pay to promote XML feed specification 62 Countries Paid (PPC) XML feed requirements 25 Countries Free, allows paid promotions Contact support 100+ Countries No public information XML feed details Germany No public information
Jooble XML feed specification 69 Countries Free and promotions are paid
PostJobFree Job feed specification Global Free or PPC. Also distributes jobs to other networks
Jobsora XML feed documentation 34 Countries Paid(PPC)
JobAdx XML feed specification Global Paid(PPC)

💡 Pro Tip: On Your Pricing Page, Mention that Jobs Are Distributed to Other Job Boards

Employers love it when job boards not only publish a posted job on their job board but also distribute the posted jobs to other job boards. This saves them a lot of time and increases the number of potential candidates they can get. So including such information on the pricing page is a good selling point. 

If you have different packages on your job board, you can also include this option only for specific packages, so only jobs that have been posted using that package will be distributed to other job boards.

Here is an example of a pricing page with a distribution offer:

Job Feeds For Backfilling

Another great way to populate a job board with content is by utilizing the feeds of other job boards or programmatic advertising platforms. By backfilling jobs from other platforms, you can increase the number of jobs on your board, especially when you are just starting. This can also be an opportunity to earn some additional income since some platforms offer a commission for each job click or job application you send to them.

Below, you can find the list of job boards and programmatic advertising platforms from which you can import jobs using their XML feeds: 

We also added a Monetization column to identify which job boards offer payments for the traffic that you send to them. 

  • NO - the job board does not offer any payments.
  • CPC - the job board pays you each time someone visits their job details page from your job board. 
  • CPA - the job board pays you each time someone visits their job details page from your job board and submits an application.

XML job feeds for backfill

Name Where To Start Monetization
Indeed Contact support CPC, CPA
We Work Remotely Public RSS feed NO
WhatJobs Publisher program CPC
Talent Publisher program No public information
Appcast Job site partners CPA, CPC
Talroo Publisher program for job boards No public information
Pandologic Contact Support CPC


  • What is the difference between job feeds and API?
    The main difference between job feeds and APIs is their functionality. Job feeds are designed for either importing job information or distributing it to others, and they exclusively only include job information. On the other hand, using APIs may be harder in terms of integration, but offer a broader range of capabilities like keyword filtering, updating a job, etc...

  • What is a job RSS feed?
    RSS feeds, which are essentially XML feeds, serve the purpose of allowing job board visitors to subscribe to the job updates posted on the job board. However, it is worth noting that the usage of RSS feeds has been declining over the years. Although many job boards still offer RSS feeds as a method of receiving updates, email alerts have emerged as the more preferred option among users. Some examples of job boards that still offer an RSS feed are: WeWorkRemotely, AvJobs.

  • How to import an XML feed into a job board?
    To import jobs using an XML feed to your job board, you need to hire a developer to create an automatic importer that can read the feed periodically, add new jobs to your job board, and update the ones that already exist. If you are using JBoard, we have already got you covered; By using our XML feed importer tool, you can automatically import XML feeds from other job boards; check it out here.
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