Indeed Affiliate Program:
All You Need to Know in 2024

January 03, 2024 (updated) | 5 min read

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Updated: As of now (October 2022), the Publisher Program has been temporarily rolled back to allow for strategic and content improvements. Still, before the new updates arrive, here's what you should know about the program and the Indeed Affiliate Program earnings if you want to join it and generate income.

Indeed is one of the top job sites in the world, with more than 300mln unique monthly visitors and a database of 225mln resumes. 

It generates most of its revenue by selling premium job postings and access to the resume database to employers, so it's important for this platform to have as many clients as possible. This is why they started the Indeed Affiliate Program, giving job board owners an opportunity to generate additional income. 

In the beginning, the affiliates of the program could earn money by simply importing the Indeed-sponsored job postings to their job boards. Later, though, the platform decided to edit the program and name it Publisher Program instead. 

The program operates based on the CPC (cost per click) advertising revenue model, so you can earn commissions each time a user clicks on certain links. 

Indeed Affiliate Program Overview

  • Commission Rate: $0.05 - $0.10 per click
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payout Methods: Paper cheques, bank transfer 
  • Eligibility: Job boards with more than 10K website views per day 

How Does It Work? 

To become a part of the Indeed Publisher Program, you first need to contact their affiliate team and wait for a representative to contact you since there’s no relevant information available on their platform now. 

There are several ways you can earn extra income from the Indeed Publisher Program:

Employer Referral Affiliate Partner: Due to its user-friendly interface, Indeed has made job promotion easy for all employers on its platform. Right now, the platform does have many clients using its paid job advertisement features, however, they are still aiming for more employers to join their client list. So, they’ve come up with this affiliate program, with which you can lead employers to Indeed and generate commissions every time your leads pay to boost their job posts.

Resume Search Affiliate Partner: With over 225mln resumes, this platform has an infinite database for employers to find candidates matching their job descriptions. Indeed has utilized its affiliate program to drive more employers towards using its resume database. Upon each successful referral, affiliates will earn a percentage of the sale.

Jobseeker Referral Affiliate Partner: Another way you can generate income through the Publisher Program is by sending jobseekers to Indeed. Once they apply for sponsored jobs, you earn commissions for each click. 

There might be more options available for job board affiliates, however, we can only wait and find out about them after Indeed updates the details of the program. 

Who Can Join the Program? 

To become a part of the Indeed Affiliate Program, import their original job posts, and earn income, you need to register to get a publisher ID. One of the main requirements is for your job board to have over 10K unique website views per day. Getting approval or rejection from Indeed may take up to 10 days, so buckle up and wait for an Indeed representative to contact you! 

What Is the Estimated Payout? 

The Indeed Affiliate Program only offers single-tier commissions, with which affiliates earn commissions based on the sales they generate. There’s not much public information concerning how much you can earn from this program in total, however, there’s an old Indeed Affiliate Program review, according to which he earned around $164 from almost 50K page views. This means you’ll need to have an overwhelming amount of traffic, so at least half of the users will click on certain buttons. Or you can always work with alternative job board affiliate programs to generate the necessary amount of income with your job board. 

The thing is, Indeed doesn’t share the number of generated clicks by the affiliates, so it’s impossible to state the exact amount of CPC pricing. Some note that the cost per click of the Indeed Affiliate Program varies based on the market, industry, job type, or size of the job board.

Still, some tried to estimate the pricing for each click, and the result is around $0.05 to $0.10 per click. 

Note that the payment threshold of the Indeed Affiliate Program is $100, so your job board will need to generate clicks equivalent to that amount in order to be eligible for the payout. 

What Are the Program Payout Methods? 

Indeed offers several payment methods to its affiliates, depending on the country of your residence. Currently, they support paper cheques, as well as bank transfers. 

You are usually paid in the month following each calendar quarter if the Indeed Affiliate Program earnings reach their payment threshold. 

However, if your earnings don’t reach $100, the money you’ve earned through Indeed will be added to the next quarter. 

Where Is It Available? 

Today Indeed is available in over 60 countries and in 28 languages. Their affiliate program is also active in most of these countries, however, if you’re not from the US, you need to point that out in the tax section of your Publisher account. 

How to Integrate the Program Into Your Job Board?

After you register and log into your Indeed account, you will need to get a publisher ID. To do it, Indeed will ask you to fill in the following information: name, phone number, company, website URL, monthly unique visitors, and your business address. 

Once you finish creating your publisher account, you will get your publisher ID (16-digit number) which is located under the XML feed tab. 

This ID will allow you to import the Indeed-sponsored job posts into your job board, and by applying various filters like the industry, job type, location, etc., you can choose the content most relevant to your job board. 

Afterward, each click related to the employer referral or resume search program will generate revenue earnings for you while also contributing to your job board content. 

Summing Up 

Once an opportunity for job boards to generate income by simply importing job postings to their platform, Indeed Affiliate Program has gone through several changes over the years. It’s still possible to earn commissions with Indeed, by applying to their Publisher Program and having jobseekers and employers click on certain buttons. 

As we’ve mentioned above, Indeed is now improving its affiliate program, so you might want to keep an eye out for new opportunities. 

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