10 Profitable Niche Job Board Ideas in 2022

October 26, 2022 | 13 min read

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In a very short time, job boards have become one of the most popular online business models due to their gross margin. According to statistics, there are over 50.000 job boards, and the number is still growing. However, if you’re looking for a way to create a job board and successfully generate income, the best tactic would be choosing a niche for your job board. Because while there are, indeed, many job board ideas out there, not every one of them turns out to be successful.  

At jBoard, we’ve helped hundreds of customers to create and effectively grow a job board using our platform. And by time, we’ve noticed that in order to become a financially successful project, a job board needs to have at least 10,000 monthly visitors. Sure, there are many ways to bring visitors to your website, but search engines are probably the biggest source of traffic for a job board. This is why it’s crucial to ensure there is enough search traffic in the niche you’re diving into, as well as demand from employers for the professionals of that sphere.

To help you find a profitable niche job board idea, we’ve done some research based on some important criteria and our experience. So, without any delay, let’s get right into it!

4 Key Factors for Choosing Profitable Job Board Ideas  

Before choosing a job board idea that will help you achieve your goal, you need to consider the following factors:

  • How big is the job market of your niche?
  • What’s the future of that job market? 
  • Is it easy to compete in that niche? 
  • How much can you charge for your services?

How big is the job market of your niche?

Say you want to start a job board for librarians, and your main goal is to have traffic so you can earn money. However, you won’t be able to achieve it because the job market of your niche is small. There are not many job seekers in the world that are looking for this position, equally, there are not many employers that want to hire for this profession.

As a result, you won’t have enough imported jobs, just like you won’t have enough traffic and, therefore, income and direct postings on your platform. To not face this issue, you need to consider the demand for that job from both the employers and employees. 

What’s the future of that job market?

Just because the demand for a niche is high now doesn’t mean it’s going to stay like that for the next couple of years. This means, besides thinking about the now, you also need to consider the future of the industry you’re opening a job board for. Does it have the potential to grow, or will it shrink in the near future? For instance, we all know that the IT industry is not going anywhere anytime soon, so opening a job board related to it is probably a smart move since the professions in that field are only growing. 

Meanwhile, a job board for travel agents might be an unlucky territory for you to explore since, these days, people can simply book everything online. Moreover, according to several sources, it’s becoming a somewhat dying profession, and the demand for professionals in that niche might be nonexistent soon.

It’s also smart to start a job board for a market that’s not so big at the moment but is projected to see rapid growth soon. Since the competition in this kind of niches is low now, you can build your job board around it and easily rank high on SERP. Once the market of the niche starts to pick up, you’ll already have a ready job board to attract more website visitors. 

An excellent example of a career that can be a successful idea for a job board is the community manager position. With Discord, Telegram, and other similar platforms on the rise, this career path is steadily becoming one of the main branches of content writing, so a job board with this growing niche can really succeed in the near future.

Is it easy to compete in that niche?

Who are your competitors? Are they well-established, massive platforms? Are the keywords you want to rank with difficult? Finding the answers to these questions can help you find the right job board idea and avoid complications in the future. 

Let’s take a look at the following example, say you want to launch a job board with the remote niche. The keyword difficulty of “remote jobs” alone is 78%, so it’ll be almost impossible to make your job board noticed in this niche. There are already many popular job boards with the ‘remote’ niche, such as Remoteok, FlexJobs, etc., which make the idea of remote job boards a little overused. 

So, even when the traffic potential of the main ‘remote jobs’ keyword is really high (174K in this case), the chances of your platform gaining the desired traffic will not be as high because of the fierce competition you’ll have to face.  

How much can you charge for your services?

Every job board has its pricing based on the services and features they offer, however, the industry they’re diving into also influences the price list greatly. 

You can charge employers per single job post, monthly subscription plans, access to the resume database, etc. And still, all the pricing should be based on how much employers in that industry are ready to pay for your services.

Also, note that the higher the average salary of the position is, the more you can charge employers per job post. 

For instance, the average annual pay for a construction industry employee in the US is around $76.528, and a single job post for this industry costs from $95 to $300. Meanwhile, medical employees in the US can earn from $260.000 to $368.000 a year, and one job post related to this industry reaches up to $600 and above.

10 Profitable Niche Job Board Ideas in 2022

There are unlimited job board ideas out there that can give you motivation and a push to start your own successful platform. In this article, you’ll find 10 job board ideas that we think have the potential to help your job board succeed based on several important factors, such as: 

  • Monthly search for the main keyword: Note that the number you’ll find below is the global monthly search (GV) for the target keyword on Google. Your job board can also be optimized for other similar keywords (such as the ones mentioned for each idea), which will give it more opportunities to rank high on SERP and have more traffic. 
  • Keyword difficulty: Shows how hard it is for the main keyword to rank in the top 10 organic Google search results on a 100-point scale. 
  • Pricing: Shows how much similar niche job boards usually charge employers for a single post on their job board. 

To track some of the most important data related to these niche job board ideas, we’ll be using the Ahrefs platform. It is an SEO tool with which you can do keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, etc., to get higher Google rankings.

1. Online Jobs for Students

  • Monthly search for the main keyword: 105K
  • Keyword difficulty: 49% 
  • Other related keywords you can rank with: math tutor (GV - 17K), student ambassador (GV - 5.8K), online tutoring jobs (GV - 43K), etc.  
  • Common pricing based on similar websites: $80 - $157

As long as educational institutions exist, there will be students looking for an online job that they can do alongside their studies. This makes them one of the biggest groups of job board platform users, with many employers eager to hire them for different positions. Since the demand from both sides is big, also judging by the monthly search traffic for the ‘online jobs for students’ keyword, creating a job board with this niche is a good idea.

2. Warehouse Jobs

  • Monthly search for the main keyword: 74K 
  • Keyword difficulty: 30% 
  • Other related keywords you can rank with: packaging jobs (GV - 2.4K), amazon warehouse jobs (GV - 107K), warehouse package handler (GV - 2.1K), etc. 
  • Common pricing based on similar websites: no job boards to compare with

While researching this topic, we didn’t find a single job board result related to this niche on the first page of SERP, which means there is a lot of growth potential for this kind of job boards. With such little competition and a large number of global monthly searches, it will be easy for you to rank on Google and other search engines and have the necessary monthly traffic with which you can attract employers. 

3. Data Entry Jobs

  • Monthly search for the main keyword: 229K 
  • Keyword difficulty: 48%
  • Other related keywords you can rank with: medical data entry jobs (GV - 1.1K), remote data entry jobs (GV - 34K), data technician (GV - 2.7K), etc. 
  • Common pricing based on similar websites: no job boards to compare with

With 229K monthly searches, the data entry job market will hardly shrink during the upcoming years. There are many relevant jobs on the Internet, however, there are not as many job boards with this niche. The top 10 results of this keyword on Google are mostly job postings on general job boards like Fiverr and Indeed. 

4. Civil Engineering Jobs

  • Monthly search for the main keyword: 55K 
  • Keyword difficulty: 3% 
  • Other related keywords you can rank with: nuclear engineer (GV - 11K), entry level civil engineering jobs (GV - 1K), traffic engineer (GV - 2.2K), etc. 
  • Common pricing based on similar websites: $125 - $595

Civil engineering jobs include construction, environmental, geotechnical, structural, and transportation engineering jobs, to name just a few. This means the field is quite big to explore, so it has more potential to see a huge number of job postings on your board. 

There are a number of engineering job boards out there, such as EngineerJobs, Engineering Central, etc. However, the only relevant job board in the top 10 results on Google SERP is ASCE, which means the competition is not as intense as you thought it might be, so with the right SEO strategy, you’ll have all the potential to claim the first place on Google search result page. 

5. Cyber Security Jobs

  • Monthly search for the main keyword: 50K 
  • Keyword difficulty: 53%
  • Other related keywords you can rank with: entry level cyber security jobs (GV - 8.4K), cyber security analyst jobs (GV - 3K), cyber security consultant (GV - 4K ), etc. 
  • Common pricing based on similar websites: $199 - $600

At first glance, cyber security job ads on the Internet might seem quite rare, but with a huge number of searches per month, it’s obvious that the market is not as small as you might have thought. A job board example with this niche is CyberSecurityJobs.com, which has managed to nail the main keyword and show up on top of Google SERP. 

This shows how job boards can start to be a leading voice in their niche if they choose the right industry and find the right tools to improve their SEO. 

6. Data Analyst Jobs

  • Monthly search for the main keyword: 49K 
  • Keyword difficulty: 17% 
  • Other related keywords you can rank with: entry level data analyst jobs (GV - 8.3K), remote data analyst jobs (GV - 4.8K), market research analyst (GV - 14K ), etc. 
  • Common pricing based on similar websites: $119 - $450

There are a lot of data-focused jobs out there, and the number is steadily growing. According to related websites, they posted 24% more data jobs in 2021 than the previous year, which shows the growing need for these professionals. And still, when searching for jobs with this niche, you won’t see many job board examples popping up. This makes starting a data-related job board a great idea, considering the main keyword difficulty is only 17%. 

7. Receptionist Jobs

  • Monthly search for the main keyword: 32K 
  • Keyword difficulty: 25% 
  • Other related keywords you can rank with: school secretary jobs (GV - 800), medical receptionist jobs (GV - 11K), part time receptionist jobs (GV - 4.1K ), etc. 
  • Common pricing based on similar websites: $299 - $699

Human nature seeks connection, more so in these digital times. This is one of the reasons why receptionist jobs are slowly rising their heads again. Based on the research we’ve done for this niche job boards, most websites have almost nonexistent SEO and out-of-date interface. Hence, it will be easy for a new and fresh job board with this niche to find its place in the market.  

8. Accounting Jobs

  • Monthly search for the main keyword: 39K 
  • Keyword difficulty: 42%
  • Other related keywords you can rank with: accounting clerk jobs (GV - 2.4K), remote accounting jobs (GV - 13K), accounting trainee jobs (GV - 1.5K ), etc. 
  • Common pricing based on similar websites: $75 - $425

Even though technology keeps developing with every passing day, accounting niche job sites are still very relevant. With 39K searches per month, these websites don’t see a shortage of visitors or job posts by employers. This said, because of their poor SEO, there are no job board websites on the first page of Google SERP, which leaves a lot of room for new accounting niche job boards. 

9. Occupational Therapist Jobs

  • Monthly search for the main keyword: 39K 
  • Keyword difficulty: 21%
  • Other related keywords you can rank with: hand therapist (GV - 4.7K), occupational therapist travel jobs (GV - 700), pediatric occupational therapist jobs (GV - 1K ), etc. 
  • Common pricing based on similar websites: $199 - $550

With mental and psychical health being two of the most important aspects of our lives, occupational therapist jobs are nowhere near becoming extinct. Job ads for this position are usually found on general job websites or therapy niche job boards, however, you can’t find many job boards solely for this niche. Considering the monthly search for the main keyword and the low difficulty percentage, competing in this niche can have a great outcome with the right SEO techniques. 

10. Airport Jobs

  • Monthly search for the main keyword: 52K 
  • Keyword difficulty: 50%
  • Other related keywords you can rank with: customer service representative jobs (GV - 3.9K), dfw airport jobs (GV - 2.1), airport security jobs (GV - 6.2K ), etc. 
  • Common pricing based on similar websites: $199 - $400

There are many airline job boards out there with good interfaces and functions. Sure, all of them have airport jobs, but most don’t have optimized and tagged pages for this keyword, so they don’t rank high on Google. 

Some airline job boards, though, have a section specifically for airport jobs, which shows there is, indeed, a demand for professionals in this industry, so you’ll be at an advantage by using ‘airport jobs’ as the main keyword for your specific job board. 


All in all, there are over 12K careers worldwide, and many of them can be a perfect choice for a profitable niche job board. 

The ideas mentioned above are just some examples we’ve researched to give you a clear framework to research and evaluate your job board idea before actually starting it.  

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