LinkedIn Affiliate Program:
All You Need to Know in 2024

January 02, 2024 (updated) | 3 min read

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LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks, and joining its affiliate program can be an excellent way to generate additional income.  

The platform has an affiliate program in the education niche, with which individuals and groups can earn up to $10 commission per conversion. The program is called LinkedIn Learning, and you can join it anytime with a few easy steps. 

Check out the article to learn more about the LinkedIn Affiliate Program and how you can benefit from it. 

LinkedIn Affiliate Program Overview

  • Commission Rate: $5 - $10 per conversion
  • Minimum Payout: No info 
  • Payout Methods: Bank transfer
  • Eligibility: Anyone with a LinkedIn affiliate account 

How Does LinkedIn Affiliate Program Work? 

LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Program is a way for this platform to promote its courses online, and the LinkedIn team is not afraid to heavily invest in it. As an affiliate of this program, you’ll need to promote their courses to earn commissions. 

The program operates with CPA payouts, which means you will generate a commission every time a user signs up for a free trial of a course or purchases an individual course. The good part is that LinkedIn provides you with the latest banners, text links, and free trial offers, so you don’t need to worry about creating the content yourself. 

Who Can Join the LinkedIn Affiliate Program?

Any individual or group with an audience can apply for the LinkedIn Affiliate Program. There’s not much information about the restrictions concerning their affiliates, but you must have a LinkedIn account and a website to be able to set up your affiliate profile. 

Once you fill in and submit your application, a LinkedIn Affiliate team representative will review it and contact you with more details.

What is the Estimated LinkedIn Affiliate Program Payout?

The estimated LinkedIn Affiliate Program payout is around $5 - $10 per conversion for free trial sign-ups or 35% of the sale from an individual course purchase. However, the commission percentage can change based on the location of the purchase.

Moreover, LinkedIn offers a 30-day tracking cookie, which means you have a better chance of getting a commission on a sale that you influenced by facilitating the initial conversion. 

What are LinkedIn Affiliate Program Payout Methods?

LinkedIn Affiliate Program payout method is through a bank transfer. 

15 days after your unique link expires, all actions connected to it will be locked since that's when your payment will be tracked and calculated. Once approved, transactions will be paid shortly after. 

Where is LinkedIn Affiliate Program Available?

Everywhere! You can become a LinkedIn affiliate from any part of the world where LinkedIn is accessible. 

The learning courses on this website are available in 7 languages (English, Spanish, Chines, Japanese, German, French, and Portuguese), so as long as your audience speaks any of these languages, you can have a good chance of earning commissions with this program. 

How to Integrate LinkedIn Affiliate Program Into Your Job Board?

For now, LinkedIn doesn’t have active affiliate programs for job boards to generate income. However, you can join the Learning Affiliate Program with your brand and website link and earn commissions by putting up LinkedIn course advertisements on your job board. 

Summing Up

Even though, right now, LinkedIn doesn’t have an affiliate program specifically for job boards, their Learning Affiliate Program can still be a great way to generate additional income. 

Due to the high commission rate the platform is offering, it’s considered to be one of the most beneficial affiliate programs, so joining it will only be advantageous to your brand. 

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