15 Easy-to-Use Job Board Templates in 2023

Marty Aghajanyan | January 03, 2023 (updated) | 7 min read

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If you’re just starting a job board, you might be a little puzzled about which job board template will be the best option for your website. There is such a large variety of job board themes on the Internet that it might seem challenging to choose the right one. 

Of course, the perfect template you are looking for should be:

  • Responsive,
  • User-friendly,
  • Flexible,
  • And easily adaptable. 

Based on the features mentioned above, we’ve shortlisted the best job board templates in 2023, so you can create your own website of job listings without doing an overwhelming amount of work.

So let’s get started right away! 

1. jBoard 

Starting off with our own template might seem presumptuous, but it’s pretty much justified. It offers a set of built-in features that you’ll get without needing to activate additional plugins. The template requires zero coding knowledge since it’s super-easy to customize due to its user-friendly admin dashboard.

With jBoard job board template, you can set up monetization options, as well as have a profile builder, resume upload, featured jobs, and all the other job board features a website needs for smooth operation. 

Key Features:

  • Easily customizable 
  • SEO optimization tools 
  • Fits every screen size 
  • Built-in job scrapers
  • Automatic job alerts 
  • Real-time support 
  • Modern admin panel without any coding
  • Blogging tools


The Lite package starts at: $99

2. Jobify 

Jobify is one of the most popular job board WordPress themes on the world’s biggest WordPress theme marketplace, Themeforest. It’s been used more than 14,000 times and is fully compatible with WB Job Manager, WooCommerce, Resume Manager, and many other helpful plugins that you can buy to have more features. 

It offers full design customization, which you can set according to your preferences, page templates for Home, Pricing, etc., sections, and enhanced search features for employers and candidates. 

Top Features

  • WP Job Manager Support 
  • Mobile-friendly 
  • Drag & drop editor 
  • Responsive design 


Regular license (without the plugins): $69 

3. JobMonster 

Another job board WordPress theme that has intuitive features to make running a job board easy is JobMonster. It’s easily compatible with drag & drop webpage builders like Elementor and WPBakery, so it’ll be quick for you to set your job board with this template. 

JobMonster has various features to offer to both candidates and employers, such as convenient management dashboards, options in job listing pages like save, email, and share a job post, paid and free job and resume submissions, as well as payment packages once you add the WooCommerce WordPress Plugin. 

Top Features

  • User-friendly dashboard 
  • Easy-to-control featured jobs 
  • Unlimited custom fields 
  • Smart job and CV suggestions
  • Profile builder 


Regular license: $55

Extended License (If the end user must pay to use the end product): $2599 

4. JobHunt

The JobHunt HTML template has many detailed features a job board needs to operate and look inviting simultaneously. It includes over 50 carefully designed pages, which you can customize according to your branding. It’s not as widely used as the job board WordPress themes mentioned above, but design-wise it’s just as impressive. 

Top Features

  • Easy-to-use features 
  • Editable icons 
  • Responsive job board template 
  • Organized layers 
  • Easy login options 


Regular license: $14

Extended License (If the end user must pay to use the end product): $1250 

5. JobLab

Joblab is a relatively new job board WordPress template adaptable to every screen size. It has various pages that you can customize according to your website, be it a general or niche job board. 

This job board template offers a fast application process for job seekers, as well as convenient job posting for employers. With its user-friendly interface and simple features, Joblab makes the recruitment process easy for all users. 

Top Features

  • Quick sign-in/sign-up 
  • Modern design 
  • Customizable web pages


Regular license: $19

6. JobCareer

Unlike the WordPress themes mentioned above, JobCareer doesn’t need extra plugins for full operation. However, some of the main features, such as paid listings, profile builder, filtered search, etc., are premium, so you might need them to improve your job board. 

The template can run in different languages, be fully integrated with WooCommerce, PayPal, and Stripe, and have customizable job and resume packages. 

Top Features

  • Video tutorials
  • Responsive layouts 
  • Indeed jobs importer 
  • Resume builder 


Regular license: $69

7. JobPortal

JobPortal is another job board theme with a user-friendly interface and the necessary features for you to start and run a job board. With this template, you can create and customize inner pages, integrate plugins for advanced search, and set up a blog for your website. 

Top Features:

  • Blog page for content marketing 
  • Uncomplicated tools 
  • Simple design 
  • Mobile-friendly 


Regular license: $19

8. Comport

Comport is a job board WordPress theme that is easy to use and operate, as well as customize. The template has an attractive look and some advanced features your job board might need, including a search bar, website pages, SEO tools, and Google Maps integration option. 

Top Features:

  • Testimonial page 
  • Email subscription field
  • Instagram feed feature 
  • Easy-to-navigate UI


Regular license: $19 

9. JobFinder

This job board WordPress theme allows you to effortlessly create and manage a job listing website. It comes with responsive layouts, job alerts, and customizable page forms. The JobFinder plug-in is constantly updated and covers all the features a job board might need. On this website, employers can submit or edit a job post and have it confirmed by the admin. 

Top Features:

  • CV printing 
  • Featured jobs 
  • File uploadings (including video, diplomas, certificates, etc.) 
  • Blog page 


Regular license: $19 

10. WorkScout

WorkScout is a fresh and minimalist job board theme that can be fully integrated with the WP Job Manager plugin. It has two versions, for both WordPress and HTML. 

The aesthetic look of this template is inviting for job seekers and employers, so if used right, it will only help you in attracting new users. 

Moreover, users can bookmark the jobs they want to save for later, receive job alerts through email, and enhance private messages with employers. 

Top Features:

  • Extensive collection of premium icons 
  • Suitable for all screen sizes 
  • High-resolution 
  • Handy front-end dashboard


Regular license: $79

11. Careerfy

Careerfy is an extensive job board WordPress theme with a large variety of built-in features. The template offers 15 website demos for different niches and layout preferences to help you choose an option most suitable for your brand. It has a responsive UI, a variety of pages that you can customize, such as candidate detail, job detail, and CV package options. 

Additionally, with its ability to integrate with Zoom, employers can set up meetings and conduct interviews right from your platform.

Top Features:

  • Zoom integration 
  • Job search live chat (with which employers can ask the quick questions job seekers might have) 
  • A large number of icons 
  • Responsive UI


Regular license: $39 

12. JobStart

JobStart is a modern job board website template with an advanced search option, on-scroll content load, testimonial, blog, and other customizable pages, and the necessary tools to set up your job board. The search option is also available for employers to find the candidate they’re looking for by searching their name, position, or location. 

Top Features:

  • Advanced search option
  • Customizable pages for all necessary sections 
  • Website view for PC, mobile, and tablets


Regular license: $19

13. Jobseek

Jobseek is a WordPress theme with simple features a job board needs for seamless operation. However, it does support all addons included in WordPress Job Manager Core Addon Bundle, so you can manage resumes, add job alerts, bookmark, application deadline features, and more. 

Top Features:

  • Simple admin UI 
  • Full support of all WordPress plugins 
  • Pre-designed pages you can customize 


Regular license: $49 

14. InJob

This job board template offers a simple and modern dashboard for both users and job board owners. InJob has fast page speed and first-hand SEO tools to optimize your website. With the help of WordPress plugins, you can activate various features such as resume posting, application review, profile builder, etc. 

Top Features:

  • Easy-to-use features 
  • Responsive UI 
  • Login options 


Regular license: $59

15. TheJobs

TheJobs is a job board template powered by Bootstrap 3.3. It has two homepage variations, customizable website pages that you can edit according to your branding, and a large number of icons. Due to its minimalist style, every user can easily find whatever they’re looking for. 

Top Features:

  • Reactive support center
  • Easily customizable 
  • Clean design


Regular license: $59

Summing Up

So, these were the top 15 job board themes we’ve reviewed to help you find the perfect option for you to create a job listing website. Of course, there is a ton of other ones with different pricing that you can choose from, however, it’s important to make sure they include all the features that you need to have on your job board so that you can reach your initial goal. 

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