ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program:
All You Need to Know in 2024

January 02, 2024 (updated) | 3 min read

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Besides being one of the leading online employment websites, ZipRecruiter is also a good platform for job boards to easily generate additional income through its affiliate program. 

ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program is a great revenue generator for job boards since they not only give you a personalized link to see how many visitors or clicks you’ll generate but also provide you with the necessary tools to help you succeed. 

Stick around to find out everything you need to know about this affiliate program before joining it. 

ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program Overview

  • Commission Rate: $0.8 - $1.00 per click 
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payout Methods: Bank transfer  
  • Eligibility: Anyone with a job board 

How does ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program Work 

ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program operates with CPC payouts and transparent revenue sharing. They offer three ways for you to earn commissions with your job board - ZipSearch, ZipAlerts, and ZipPost:  

ZipSearch: The platform has over 8mln job posts, and by simply importing and displaying them on your website, you will earn a commission every time a visitor clicks on their sponsored job posts. Moreover, ZipRecrutirer’s smart matching technology will help you display the jobs most relevant to your website, allowing you to maximize your potential commissions.

ZipAlerts: This option basically allows the ZipRecruiter team to do email marketing for you. They send your audience email alerts about their sponsored jobs, but with your own website branding. And each time a user clicks on their custom link, you earn a commission. It’s a great way to constantly keep your audience updated and earn through it as well.

ZipPost: Last but not least, ZipRecruiter allows you to earn commissions by sending them business owner referrals. You can lead employers to a co-branded job posting page and make money every time they post a job advertisement. 

Who Can Join the ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program?

Anyone with a job board or a job/recruitment blog can join the ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program. Currently, there are no known restrictions concerning the amount of traffic you need to have on your platform to join the program. However, you need to point out the number of your monthly unique visitors during the sign-up process, so they may have some basic requirements for it.

What is the Estimated ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program Payout? 

The estimated ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program payout is $0.8 - $1.00 per click, and according to the platform, it’s a 50/50 revenue split. Unlike the Indeed Affiliate Program, they are pretty open about your earnings and offer an admin panel where you can see the detailed reporting. 

ZipRecruiter also offers 30 days cookie duration, which means your unique link will be active for 30 days for your users to click and for you to earn commissions. 

What are ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program Payout Methods?

As of now (November 2022), the only ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program payout method is through a bank transfer. 

The platform usually sends the payment to its affiliates within 40 days after the earning report. Since the payment threshold of the ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program is $100, you will need to generate clicks equivalent to that amount, so you can receive your payment. 

Where is ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program Available? 

Since, at this time, ZipRecruiter only allows job postings in the US and Canada, it’s logical for their affiliate program to be available mainly in these regions. However, as the platform states on its website, they are working on expanding to other locations as well. 

How to Integrate ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program Into Your Job Board?

To join this job board affiliate program, you will need to fill in the form and agree to their terms and conditions. Afterward, you’ll be contacted by a team member who'll help you set up your affiliate account and get your unique link.

You can insert that link in the XML feed tab of your job board and import the Ziprecruiter-sponsored job posts related to your niche into your platform. 

Once you’re all set, you will start earning commissions from the affiliate program every time a user is directed to the ZipRecruiter platform.

Summing Up 

The job board affiliate program of ZipRecruiter is one of the easiest ways to make extra income with simple steps. Due to their user-friendly platform and additional tools, you will not only generate revenue but also have fresh content and a chance to improve the user activity on your website. 

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